Data destruction

Secure data destruction of all your IT equipment!

When disposing used IT equipment, it’s important that you destroy all data safely securely. Especially when you have personal or company sensitive information making it necessary for the ordeal to be carried out responsibility. It’s unfortunate that the inefficient removal or destruction of sensitive information on data carriers occurs all too often.

But you can prevent your data from leaking into the hands of the wrong people by letting ARGO360 destroy your data safely and efficiently for you!

Data destruction

Hard drives and other data carriers are not the only devices that contain sensitive information. That’s why we use a shredder system to destroy all other forms of electronic data, such as cell phones, videos, floppy disks, CD-ROMs, data tapes, and hard drives. The 'shredding' process cuts the devices into many pieces where any residue can be recycled according to the European WEEELABEXstandard. Thanks to our mobile shredders, we can also destroy your data on-site. This eliminates security risks, which is useful when working with highly sensitive data.

Data destruction is one of the most effective methods of data breach prevention. If a hard drive or other storage medium has been destroyed, the retrieval of data will prove impossible. However, destroying data carriers should always be used as a last resort so we recommend that IT equipment be reusedas much as possible, either by yourself or someone else.

Shredding at your own location or at our office!

Shredding can take place at our office, but we also have a mobile shredder available with which we can destroy data carriers at your location. The method of destruction is a safe and effective one, ensuring that the data is cut into small pieces. After destroying the hard disks and other data carriers, you will receive an overview of the destroyed equipment including the corresponding serial numbers.

We dispose of the waste in a sustainable manner and you will receive a certificate as proof of destruction.

The data destruction process

Hard disks, DVDs, CDs, USB sticks, mobile phones and other data carriers go into our shredder, which shreds the data carriers into minute pieces. As a result, all data is 100% destroyed and made irretrievable, your sensitive company information is destroyed in full accordance with European directives.

ARGO360 provides 100% secure data destruction! 

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