Data erasure

Deleting your data safely!

When disposing of used IT equipment, it’s important that you safely remove or destroy all data especially when you possess personal or company sensitive information. Erasing or formatting data carriers isn’t enough and you must therefore use specialised software. ARGO360 is offering a helping hand by processing data from IT equipment in a safe and environmentally friendly way that always complies with European laws and regulations.


Professional data removal.

Removing data on outdated equipment is essential because criminals know exactly how to recover it.To safely remove data, it is therefore best to engage a professional company that utilises specialised software. This software permanently removes your data, is completely safe and used by, among others, the police, the military, the armed forces and the banking sector. The software has also been approved by the AIVD and is always up-to- date. See (Secure) IT Asset Disposition service for more information..

This software will permanently delete the data on your computers, servers, or other data carriers. Upon deletion, you will receive a detailed report and certificate for each data carrier, which serves as proof of the guaranteed deletion of the data. It is a comprehensive report that lists the specific IT hardware and the respective serial numbers. Each report is created in such a way that it cannot be changed manually. Finally, at the end of processing all of your equipment, you will receive a total overview featuring the most important information.

ARGO360 performs data removal on laptops and servers, but also on separate hard drives, tablets, smartphones, and other storage systems.

Completely carefree: ARGO360 handles complete data removal.

ARGO360 performs fully certified data removal for you. This is performed by an up-to-date and approved piece of software. We ensure that data is permanently deleted whilst always making sure that this activity is conducted in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.

You can then choose whether to reuse, sell or, as a final option, have your data carriers destroyed. When you have your data carrier destroyed, ARGO360 ensures environmentally friendly disposal in accordance with WEEELABEX.

If you choose to reuse the devices, we will gladly help you with reinstalling the software..

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