What is IMAC/D?

IMAC/D stands for Install, Move, Add, Change, Delete/Dispose. The IMAC/D is a necessary process for replacing IT equipment within your company since the process, as a whole, can prove arduous. 

ARGO360 is fully certified
 and will happily carry out the MAC/D process for you. We work as quickly and efficiently as possible when replacing the IT equipment so as to leave you unburdened. 

When is IMAC/D important?

The IMAC/D process is fundamental when it comes to replacing the IT equipment. When you want to replace IT hardware, there are many variables involved. Do you want to install, move, add, change or remove IT hardware or software? Then you have to deal with the IMAC/D process and it is essential to follow the procedure carefully.

The IMAC/D process consists of the following components:

  • Install

We install both your IT hardware and software. Additionally, we configure and install the IT hardware with the desired software from your image or operating system.

  • Move

We disassemble, move and reinstall the IT hardware at a new location.

  • Add

If desired, we add both new hardware and software to your specifications.

  • Change

Is the hardware or software outdated? Or do you want to work with a new system? We can change or upgrade the system for you.

  • Delete

Do you want to get rid of your IT hardware? We can safely dismantle it along with safely destroying your data.


IMAC/D service by ARGO360

With IMAC/D-service ARGO360 offers a helping hand to IT departments within organizations. We take care of imaging, physical workplace installations, repairs, relocations and removal/disposal of IT hardware. We always do this in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

ARGO360 operates under strict guidelines and is fully certified and environmentally friendly.

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