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(Secure) IT Asset Disposition: The Importance of Good IT.

Within an organization, such as ours, the protection of organised data will always be of great importance. When managing IT equipment, care must therefore be taken with the phasing out of data carriers and you can follow our (S)ITAD plan during the replacement or termination of said equipment. The Secure IT Asset Disposition plan ensures that you can effectively safeguard your data via a step-by-step plan until the termination. By following our plan your organization will promote optimal security, prevent detrimental risk, ensure added value through compliance with the security protocol and contribute to our environmental objectives. Consequently, for this process ARGO360 will provide you with leal assistance by supplying an optimal ITAD service. 

What is IT Asset Disposal?

IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) works to process used IT equipment and you can safely delete data via the succinct plan. Our ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that the entire process, from transport to processing, is secure making the risk of reputation damage expunged and data integrity preserved. Especially since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG), it is essential to have assets organised.

Being responsible for the company’s computer park may involve receiving regular enquirers concerning laws and regulations, fines, the value of the computers and, the impact of disposing IT equipment on the environment. Suffice to say you must be capable of appropriately addressing any potential concerns.

When to follow the IT Asset Disposal plan?

An ITAD plan is crucial for both personnel responsible for ITAD programs and for IT professionals involved in equipment management. Benefits can also be drawn from an effective ITAD plan when being involved in IT equipment budgeting, finance, software licensing, contract management or strategic planning.

Additionally, for companies that professionally undertake data destruction and IT management an IT Asset Disposal plan has ceased to fall under business overhead, proving it’s value in profit and risk reduction.

Have the ITAD plan implemented by ARGO360.

Of course, a well-executed IT Asset Disposal plan is critical for any organization and, ARGO360 will provide coherent support in setting up and implementing our certified plan for all ITAD components. Expect the plan to have a methodical and economic execution as ARGO360 delivers an optimal ITAD service.


IT Asset Disposal in 6 steps

  1. Inventory of ITAD hardware

Firstly, we examine which processes have been followed from the IT equipment’s time of purchase to its destruction, enabling us to create an inventory for the situation.

  1. Safe transportation

We safely transport the used IT equipment to the data center and ensure responsible disposal.

  1. Data destruction

Upon arrival at the data center the data of the IT equipment is securely removed or destroyed and the condition of the IT hardware is determined.

  1. Refurbishing

If the IT equipment has maintained a good condition it will undergo refurbishment. ARGO360 has a worldwide network of buyers for refurbished IT equipment. Products beyond refurbishment will be disassembled, after which the individual parts will be reused.

  1. Reporting

The hardware destruction or recycling is securely documented and certified.

  1. Sale & Residual Value

Lastly, you’ll receive the value of the IT equipment and be assured that we guarantee the maximisation of the residual value of the IT hardware.


More information about an ITAD plan?

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