Data center decommissioning

Responsible dismantling of a data center

s your IT equipment due for replacement? Then it’s important that the decommissioning of the data center is carried out in a safe and responsible manner. The disposal of IT hardware must occur systematically in order to mitigate risk of a data leak, damage to reputation or to the environment. ARGO360 is a fully certified specialist offering specific Secure IT Asset Dispositionsolutions to data centers. Making them unburdened, safeguarded and therefore comply with Dutch and European laws and regulations. We draw up a SITAD plan and implement it quickly, accurately, safely and compliantly. 



Dismantling the date center through the ITAD plan.

When dismantling a data center we follow the comprehensive ITAD-planin which we remove the data securely before the actual destruction or recycling of the IT equipment. In addition, the plan ensures a safe, responsible and environmentally friendly method of data removal. We always work according to strict guidelines and meet the requirements of the legislation. ARGO360 is WEEELABLEX, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and VIHB certified (registered with NIWO). 

The dismantling of data is enacted in a safely and efficiently way where we’ll initially make an inventory of the current situation then destroy the data accurately whilst documenting the entire process in order for us to send you a report.


Need more information about dismantling your data center?

ARGO360 has got you covered in the safe dismantlement of the data center. As a sustainable organization, we continually work in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Would you like to know more information about dismantling a data center? Please feel free to Contact us.