Refurbishing & remarketing

Refurbishing and remarketing used IT equipment

Technology is developing at lightning speed and, devices are constantly expanding with acquiring additional storage options. We therefore recognise that the needs of users are continually changing and, as a company, you naturally want your staff to work with the most advanced equipment. However, this means that the economic life of your IT hardware is shorter than its technical life, making your equipment obsolete for your company. Therefore, the reuse of the IT equipment is the ideal and at ARGO360 you can refurbish and remarket IT equipment, and offer old IT hardware a new life.


Refurbished IT equipment and remarketing IT equipment

Do you have outdated but functioning IT equipment? Would you like to get rid of it? We’ll purchase and refurbish these devices and, sell them to companies with limited budgets or other needs. After taking stock and thoroughly testing the equipment, we can determine their exact value and after the repair, if possible, offer it a second life. We have a worldwide network of buyers and wholesalers, and can remarket your equipment with the remaining market value. In addition, it can be possible to reuse this equipment in your own organization, sell it to employees or to donate it to charity.


Reuse IT equipment for a better environment

ARGO360 is committed to sustainable business practices and ensures the longest possible lifecycle of IT equipment. Since refurbishing is the most environment friendly method of recycling we only recommend destroying IT equipment as a last resort.

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